Useful Resources

English outreach resources with content produced by academics

A free web-based platform for teachers, with over 500 resources for teaching aspects of grammar and language and a detailed glossary.

Great Writers Inspire
Collection of freely-available literary resources produced by the University of Oxford.

The Definite Article
Blog dedicated to providing teachers with resources informed by recent work in higher education that they can use with students in their classrooms.

Discovering Literature: Romantics and Victorians
Explore some of the British Library's literary treasures from the Romantic and Victorian periods together with articles, films, and teachers' notes.

Discovering Literature: 20th Century
Explore the ways in which key twentieth-century authors experimented with new forms and themes to capture the fast-changing world around them.

Discovering Literature: Shakespeare
Explore Shakespeare's plays in relation to the social, political, and cultural context in which they were written, and in which they have been interpreted over the last four centuries.

A Clerk of Oxford
Blog run by Dr Eleanor Parker covering the literature and history of medieval England.

Catherine Redford's Romanticism Blog
Blog run by Dr Catherine Redford covering the literature of the Romantic period.

Projects and CPD Courses

English Grammar for Teachers
Grammar courses at UCL taught by the team who run Englicious.

Teaching English Grammar in Context
Teaching English grammar in context courses at UCL.

Integrating English
Project run by Billy Clark, Marcello Giovanelli, and Andrea Macrae aiming to develop new ways of understanding English (particularly through integrating the study of language and literature) and promote stylistics as a discipline.

A site for students studying English at A level or university - features discussion forums and online seminars.


Can engaging with the public help your career in academia?, Steve Joy, The Guardian, 11 Apr 2014

Societies and Organisations

English Association

University English

Institute of English Studies

Common English Forum

English & Media Centre


Oxford Early Career Academic Outreach Network

These resources will be added to over the course of the project. Please do get in touch with further suggestions!

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